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Please Read: Tao Fanaccount From A Paralyzed Fan at the 140718 TLP in Shanghai:


A few days ago, I posted a Tao fanaccount about a fan (who’s referred to as OP in this account) who met and spoke with a paralyzed girl who happened to be a Tao fan. The fan was kind enough to give the girl their ticket for the concert so that she could see Tao. The following is a fanaccount…

[TRANS] 23/4 TAO'S MOST RECENT BLOG ENTRY : To my best friends.


I really, really hesitated for a long time before deciding to post this translation up. it’s not public, obviously, but at the rate of the 转发 is going and after rereading the post again and again, I feel like he knows we are going to read this. I don’t know, I might change my…

Here are the most frequent asks I received regarding the current Chinese fandom war situation



Please read through this carefully. I aim to clear up a few misconceptions and I am planning on ending this mess on tumblr.

1. Do Tao really like the post about kris? Because i’ve seen the evidence in twitter.

The Chinese fans have been circulating photoshopped ‘Weibo Print-screen’ since…


R 59


I realize that EXO-M is pretty high class.

Tao loves Gucci.

Yixing loves MCM.

Xiumin loves Givenchy.

Luhan loves Xiumin (that boy aint cheap).